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Chrissy Teigen Got Massive Pizza From Kelly Clarkson As An Anniversary Gift

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have been married for seven years now, and they recently celebrated their wedding anniversary.

The couple has two children together, and the third one is on the way, and everyone knows they met through one of John’s earliest music videos.

The Pizza

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As they are one of the famous couples of Hollywood, they have been bombarded with wishes and gifts. And among them may be the best gift was by Chrissy’s gal pal, Kelly Clarkson.

Kelly Clarkson, the singer, sent a giant pizza to her house and Chrissy said,

 “This is obviously the coolest thing ever.”

The pizza was from Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria. The pizza is so big that it may take many days to finish it unless you got a big gang.

Who doesn’t love Pizzas? Indeed it’s a perfect gift.

Kelly Clarkson also sent wine towards Chrissy’s way, she tweeted,

“Happy Anniversary 😊❤️ I sent wine as well …”

The Cuties


They also got gifts from their adorable kids, Luna and Miles. While the oldest gave them a handwritten card saying,

“Hi mom and dad, so happy you got married. I love you,”

Also, the youngest presented them with modern art.


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