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Chris Evans: Proved That Even Pandemic Can Not Restrict Him From Meeting His Girlfriend Lily James

Chris Evans never ceases to catch the headlines because of his dating rumours. However, the lover could be spotted meeting his Girlfriend amidst this Covid19 pandemic.

Source Daily mail

Lilly James and Chris Evans are currently in a relationship. However, they have become the most adorable couple as 2020 as well.

A few weeks earlier, they together could be spotted partying at a private members’ club. Their photographs went viral as they left London.

Later on, we could be spotted in a London park spending quality time together with each other. They were enjoying icecream and were lounging on thr grass. Moreover, they were looking too adorable together.

Source Daily mail

The shocking news was that rumours regarding Lili James romance with Matt Smith were hovering as well. But Evans and Lili being too cosy with each other, made the existing words vanished.

Spotted At London Together

Three days later, Evans and Lily headed towards London hotel, The Corinthia in a taxi, together. This happened nearly at 1 am.

In order not to seek unnecessary attention they entered through different gates. They even took an additional taxi.

Lily has a home at North London, to which she entered from the main entrance. Evans made his way to the plush Hotel.

Source Dailymail

The fans are quite ecstatic to see Evans and Lily together. However, struggling pandemic and Quarantine they met.

This shows their love doesn’t have any boundaries. Even quarantine and pandemic can’t stop them from showing their love.

At this high time, getting a visa is difficult. But Lily’s love has proved it wrong, in Evan’s case.

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