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Why Is Chris Evans Getting Backlash Over A Photo? What’s The Reason Behind It?

Chris Evans, famous for his role of Captain America in the Marvel Avengers movies, received lots of online hate for a photo that was posted online by Ted Cruz.

The Photo With Cruz

Chris Evans
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Ted Cruz is a controversial Senator and failed Presidential Candidate, and it raged people to see Chris Evans posing along with him and his daughter.

All these happened back in February when Ted Cruz tweeted a photo of him and his daughter along with Chris Evans stating that he had an excellent interview with Evans and his daughter was thrilled to meet him.

This didn’t sit well with the social media users as they have rained down hate on Evans for going against his policy of being a Democrat.

The Reason

Chris Evans
Source: Google

This incident eventually died down but again brought back to life by Trevor Noah on Tuesday when he questioned Evans about it.

Trevor showed the picture to Evans and asked him about it.

At first, Evans said that,

“In that circumstance, it was a child; I’ll always take a picture with a kid.”

Then, later on, revealed that:

“But in general, just even sitting down with certain politicians ― there are certain people on the extremes of both parties who, there’s no wiggle room for that. And again, what I would argue is, look, if this person wasn’t in power, if this person wasn’t writing bills that affected your life, fine, we can shun them. You know what I mean? We can scream louder than them. But we can’t pretend they don’t have some sort of say, some sort of impact.”

By this, Evans meant that he doesn’t find it likeable to sit with someone who has ideas against his own but still it is better to listen to them instead of shunning it.

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His project A Starting Point, which aims to “create a bipartisan channel of communication and connectivity between Americans and their elected officials” is all about that.

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