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China Trying To Toss The Covid Pandemic Script: Targetting “Reborn Wuhan” For Stellar Role!!

China Casts Heroic Wuhan for Coronavirus Pandemic

Well, we all might be well aware that the coronavirus gift to the world was given to us by none other than Wuhan.  This city has left the whole world with the most dreaded nuisance that any of us has ever faced.

Source: bangkokpost.com

Moreover, the most surprising news that is coming nowadays is that china is recasting Wuhan as a heroic Coronavirus victim. Not only this, but China is also trying to play the game by trying to throw doubt on the pandemic’s origin story. The doubt aims to seize on the narrative at a time of growing global distrust of Beijing.

The US Target!

The media is daily covering news in which Chinese officials and lavish state media cover the “reborn” Wuhan that openly shouts the glory of China’s epidemic-control efforts. Furthermore, economic recovery while still being affected by the outbreak is openly flaunted. This is also amidst where the world’s masters, the United States, struggles.


The Recent Update

Last week the news that grabbed a lot of attention is the reopening of schools in China. Furthermore,  the schools welcomed back students with considerable fanfare.

“There are few places in the world today where you don’t need a mask and can gather,”. The statement was made by  a Chinese official  who told the executives. This was a direct implications towards Wuhan.

Additionally,  Wuhan hosted executives from dozens of multinationals, from Panasonic to Dow and Nokia, on a highly choreographed tour of the central Chinese city.


Moreover, China’s foreign minister suggested on August 28  that the virus might not have emerged in China. However, the real fact still remains a mystery.

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