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New. Reusable Rockets?! Or More Bizarre A Space Plane?!!
China Space
Source: Google
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China Is Up With Something New. Reusable Rockets?! Or More Bizarre A Space Plane?!!

The feud between China and the USA has been going for a while now and to gain dominance in space crafts; China sent a reusable rocket which was in orbit for two days and landed yesterday.

The Spacecraft

China Space
Source: Google

Before China sent this spacecraft into the sky, there were not many details released about it. It was purely a military-based rocket launch which happened on this Friday.

The size and the shape of the spacecraft are unknown also no photos have been published by the Chinese officials yet.

Its mission is to circle the earth at a high altitude and then return to a runaway made for it in the world. And the space plane did that successfully and landed on our planet after two days in space.

A Cheap Way

China space
Source: Google

The Chinese government says that this is a stepping stone to get cheap space travel soon. A news company in China said,

“The flight marks an important breakthrough in our country’s research on reusable spacecraft that promise a more convenient and inexpensive way to reach space,” 

But it is not clear what this spacecraft might be used for in the future by China; some speculate that this particular spacecraft is being used as a spy to govern the activities of the USA.

We do not know how much of it is true.




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