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China Developed Another Lethal Virus? Is This Virus More Deadlier Than COVID-19? Seven People Are Dead Already!

China has developed a new virus after COVID-19 and it has already killed seven people. However, the report says that almost sixty people are infected by this virus. This virus is emerging currently in china. Meanwhile, the infected people are still in diagnosis and the researchers are still trying to find how lethal the virus is. The scientist calls the virus as Bunyavirus.

COVID-19 Vs The New Virus: Symptoms And Causes

This Virus causes Tick-Borne illness and is highly pathogenic. The virus can be also transferred from one human to another, and the medium could be blood mucous, etc. This virus is affecting the Eastern side of China. The people are currently suffering from high fever which occurs due to a low level of blood platelets.



This virus will become deadly, if the virus gets serious in the earlier stage, said Infectious disease experts. This virus was first seen in 2009. The virus showed mild symptoms that are Fatigueness, fever, rash, etc. The report says that this virus could have started in the month of April. The virus might have reached the neighbours of Jiangsu and Anhui Provinces.

An Old Woman Who Got The Virus: Similar To COVID-19?

Recently an old woman who worked as a Farmer in place Jiangsu got the virus. The report says that she had a severe fever and regular cough. Later the medical reports said that she was diagnosed with SFTS. Now there are thirty-seven confirmed cases in the hospitals in China.

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Mr Sheng Jifaung Statement On The New Virus

The Infectious disease expert Mr Sheng Jifaung said on an interview that the virus could be transmitted through infectious animal and human as well. This statement was soon published in China’s Global Times newspaper. Sheng also said that the family should remain careful and not to visit any jungles or bushes.

An infectious person had a severe fever and bled due to the infection, the medical reports said. The Tick-Borne virus is serious and the researchers said that it could become a local epidemic. The Taiwan research centre for the disease control revealed that the virus has 10% of fatality rate.

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Sheng Revealed Some More Details About The Virus

Sheng said that the fatality rate of this Virus is around 1-5%. He also included that older people are in more danger. The total incubation time period for this virus is as same as COVID-19 that is seven to fourteen days. The vaccine for this virus is not made yet.

Sheng also said that the virus could cause a low level of blood platelets and reduces the production of white blood cells in the body. Taiwan research centre said that they first encountered this virus when a man of 70 years old had a severe fever and constant vomiting during the last year of November.


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