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Chen Wei: A Military Scientist And The She Power Behind China’s First Potential Game-Changing Vaccine

It is the time of pride for China and women. A female military scientist has developed a vaccine for the deadly coronavirus that is spreading across the globe.

Source CGTN

It’s been a year we all have been struggling with the Covid-19. The 54 years old, Dr Chen Wei went to Africa to save the people and the whole continent from the Ebola virus. She cme up with a fantastic Vaccine.

Dr Chen Wei is a bold woman. She is a mother, wife and daughter. Along with it, she is a female general in the Chinese PLA.

Source TV program

She led a huge team and is back with a game-changing first COVID-19 vaccine of China.

However, the vaccine developed by her has been approved for clinical trials.

Chen’s Dedication

She buckled up with her team and took almost 50 days to come up with the first vaccine. However, they housed themselves in the makeshift lab for research and testing.

Source CGTN

In an interview, Dr Chen said, “Putting on the uniform means all of these are your jobs, and I would like to give my all to the lab, to bring hopes for people living in virus-stricken areas.”

The history of Dr Chen is filled with her fight with deadly viruses. From Ebola in 2015 Africa, SARS in 2013 China to COVID-19.

China has been one of the rare and first countries to come up and helped Sierra Leone. This is as claimed by a permanent representative of the same country.

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