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Check Out Which Country Legend Smacked Superstar Carrie Underwood’s Rear At The Grand Ole Opry In Nashville!

Check Out Which Country Legend Smacked Superstar Carrie Underwood’s Rear At The Grand Ole Opry In Nashville!

None other than country legend Ms Loretta Lynn smacked Superstar Carrie Underwood’s rear at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. 

Carrie Shares Experience Of Her Debut Performance At The Opry 

The superstar Carrie Underwood is a full-time member of the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville since May 10, 2008. She also mentioned about her debut performance at the Grand Ole Opry In Nashville. She seemed very fond of it. And she also added that it was “magical” to step into the Circle for the first time.

Carrie said about her debut that, “It was such a whirlwind because it was right after I was on American Idol,” she recalls. “I was backstage, and there were so many people I was meeting and taking pictures with. I just felt like everyone was excited I was there, which was great because I was excited that I was there!”

Unexpected Encounter With The Country Legend

In a recent article, the superstar mentioned about her unexpected encounter with Loretta Lynn. It just caught her ‘off guard’ country music’s all-time legend walked up to her and smacked her rear side. Carrie was overjoyed on meeting her.

Carrie said: “I was talking to Vince Gill,” she recalls to People, pausing to joke about her casual name-dropping, “and somebody walked by me and smacked my rear.”

“It caught me off guard for a second,” Underwood admits, adding, “and then I turned around, and that was my first time meeting Ms Loretta Lynn!”

Carrie Underwood Says Country Music Legend Once 'Smacked My Rear'

As the Opry is about to turn 95 in October of 2020, Carrie shared the hilarious recollection as part of a retrospective People.

Dierks BentleyTerri Clark, Gill and Lorrie Morgan are some of the Opry members who kicked off a month-long celebration at the Opry on Saturday night (Oct. 3). Few more artists are scheduled to be appearing at the Grand Ole Opry In Nashville this month. The list of artists includes Lauren Alaina, Bill Anderson, Clint Black, Little Big Town, Chris Janson, Carly Pearce, Jeannie Seely, Josh Turner, Steve Wariner and many more.

 Some Of Carrie’s Singles Are: 

So Small (2007), Wasted (2007), Little Toy Guns (2015), Undo It (2010), Smoke Break (2015) and many more.

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