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Charlie Puth Girlfriend: His Love Life Explored

Charlie Puth Girlfriend

Besides his infectious compositions, Charlie Puth is well-known for his previous public relationships. Since collaborating with Meghan Trainor on his first track, “Marvin Gaye,” the New Jersey native has been romantically connected to several renowned faces.

Indeed, many began to speculate if he and Meghan were just friends or anything more when they locked lips on stage at the 2015 American Music Awards. Despite relationship suspicions, Charlie has since clarified their hot kiss.

“Meghan and I are close enough now that we can joke about it,” she told USA Today in November 2015. “At first, we thought, ‘Holy (expletive), what have we done?’ 

I’m now dating a lady I’m not making public since I don’t want people to get the wrong impression. However, without Meghan’s early prodding, I would be nowhere. Meghan helped me tremendously by appearing on my first album.”

Charlie elaborated on the events leading up to their kiss, stating, “I had no idea people would care so much about my lips on my friend’s lips.”

“When we performed it live, we said to ourselves, ‘OK, this is one of the most significant live performances.’ How are we going to graphically convey this and make it as compelling as the video?” he said to the publication. 

“We were debating whether or not to kiss.” Meghan is truly my closest friend, so it was strange at first, but it contributed to the visual aspect of the performance, which is critical given that America was watching.”

Meghan is not Charlie’s sole duet partner. Following their 2016 single “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” people assumed he dated Selena Gomez, which he has subsequently denied. Previously, the “See You Again” singer has been associated with Charlotte Lawrence, Bella Thorne, and Halston Sage.

He’s also acknowledged to have a tremendous love for Jade Thirlwall of Little Mix, whom he worked with on the song “Oops.”

“Jade and I had a peek at The X Factor. “I discovered she was in a relationship that night,” Charli remembered in November 2017 on the “Bizarre Life” podcast. “I was on stage with them singing and thought, ‘Oh Jade, she’s so sexy.’ She is incredibly attractive, [but] unfortunately, she has been taken. I’m going to say she’s taken, and I’m pleased for her.”

Charlie Puth Girlfriend

Selena Gomez

Charlie admitted that he briefly dated Selena in 2016. “I’m not one to kiss and tell, but the only way a song like that can sound genuine is if something else is going on behind the scenes,” he told Billboard in February 2018. 

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“And that is precisely what happened [with Gomez]. Very brief, very little, yet effective. And it screwed me up horribly. And she elicited such strong emotion on the song that it was a delight to collaborate with her. That is why I am always glad to perform it, although the song originated at a difficult period in my life.”

Bella Thorne

The pair were photographed together in December 2016 in Miami, Florida, enjoying a beach day. At the time, Charlie apologized on Twitter to Bella’s ex-boyfriend Tyler Posey, whom the singer mistakenly believed she was still seeing at the time. Bella subsequently corrected the record on 2017’s The Jenny McCarthy Show.

“To be honest, Ty and I broke up, which was quite tough for me,” the Disney star said. “It was without a doubt one of the most difficult breakups I’ve ever experienced. 

Everything has been grossly exaggerated. In that shot, [Charlie and I] were not even kissing. That photograph gives the impression that we’re going to kiss when, in fact, we’re not.”

Danielle Campbell

Following the Bella issue, Charlie said in October 2017 that he was “in a relationship” but was “done with public dating.” 

Following the interview, observant followers observed Charlie posting a picture of himself FaceTiming the actress, which he swiftly deleted. The pair never discussed their purported affair publicly.

Halston Sage

The musician and actress posted a slew of beautiful photos together during 2018. While they never acknowledged their romance or breakup, Charli subsequently removed her images with Halston.

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Charlotte Lawrence

Charlie revealed his connection with the model in a February 2019 Valentine’s Day post. Although the exact date of their breakup is unknown, Charlie shared a video to Instagram in June 2020 with the remark, “I’m single if you’re wondering.”

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