Historic day for the African American Community
Historic day for the African American Community
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Celebrations of Juneteenth Observed Across America

The country has been in turmoil for weeks now. Amid all that, a celebration of the history, justice for today and a hope for tomorrow brought thousands together.

The History

Although Juneteenth is not a federal holiday, the black community considers it as the true Independence Day as opposed to 4th July. About 47 states and Washington DC have allowed leave on the same. Referred to as the Black Freedom/Independence Day, Emancipation Day by many, it marks the abolition of slavery. It is a historic day as on 19th June 1865, Gordon Granger read aloud Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation on a plantation in Texas.

Lincoln had already signed the Proclamation two years earlier but had no effect. Nationwide stop on slavery was bolstered only after the 13th amendment.

BLM protests
BLM protests

Different Way To Celebrate

Celebrations on this day included anti-racism marches, bike rides and peaceful rallies. Also, in States like Minnesota and Minneapolis, people paid homage to Floyd in ways of running, cycling to the spot where he died. Also, a reparation rally planned to recognise Floyd’s murder as an economic issue as well turned out smooth. Atlanta observed rallies and protests outside the Georgia Bar Association to demand justice for Ahmaud Arbery. Killed in a shooting while in a chase by a Father and Son, someone helped Ahmaud hide in a corner.

The Significance Has Changed

The significance of this day has changed for the African American community in America since Floyd’s death. With events all across the country and speeches made, a new definition of racism seems to take shape. The community believes racism is not as expressed as it is implied now. Moreover, the systematic racism faced by the community in different sectors, should be a weapon against the administration, say some.

Increased awareness of this day, numerous petitions signed, faces held responsible and estranged values restored. This is how America shall see Juneteenth from the year 2020.

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