Man Assert Trying To Rape

Caught On Camera”Man Assert Trying To Rape A Woman On A Subway Platform”

Joes Reyes , 31 year old woman is accused of punishing a woman on the subway  by pushing to the ground and climbing on top of her she was for train on the platform on saturday in NYC.

He get the very itself next day on sunday when a facial recognition programme go with his face to a closeup of him from the later arrest earlier current year for criminal activity.

Man Assert Trying To Rape

Man Assert Trying To Rape : Details

The 25 year old victim said that she first noticed him when they were on the same train and he smoking something . she imediately informed police after she got of the train in an attempt to get away from him and then the man followed hom to the 63 street on the subway station on the upper east side .

Then the man followed her and started pushing ,punching and climbing on top of her, police officials said.Chief Rodney Harrison of NYPD said it was a Henious crime. The man faced charges of attempt to Rape and assault. He was also spotted smoking Hookah before the incident took place, Harrison said.

Reyes,was also spotted in possesion of several narcotics before the arrested and had been arrested several times before this attempted attack. A mobile phone video taken by a bystander shows that ill legally the man is on top of the woman, seemingly to force on her.

Then he appears to talk with someone out of the footage and gets away from women and walk away. The video was muted when it came to the NYC cops.

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