Category-1 Hurricane Tagged “Very Serious”: Bringing ” Life Threatening Flooding” And Tornadoes, Smashes Isaias Into Carolinas!

The preparations for the Isaias were done by the local departments at the earliest possible.
This Isaias made its landfall in North Carolina. It was just after 11 PM on Monday that this hurricane event happened.

It was recorded at a speed of about 85 mph. This Category-1 hurricane disrupted the power consumption of about 124000 customers. Major cities like New York that are along the East Coast were all ready with the preparations for this power-packed storm.


This strongest storm since 2012 adds the flooding rains popping up more difficult situations there.
Various videos of Myrtle Beach show the flooded streets with people passing there.

However, the early measures were already in place. There in the Carolina, people were already evacuated and the vehicles were safely placed over the high garages.
Rescue operations were started to save stranded people there in the floods.

Source: Dailymail

Even, the department took to social sites appealing to people not to come out of their homes and be safe.
The National Hurricane Centre already announced the advisory for coastal areas of Carolina. It read the warning for the Oceanside residents of rains up to 8 inches.

The Myrtle Beach recorded its ever high reading since its installation in 1976 due to this Isaias hurricane.
Advisory pertaining to the flash flooding were also relayed for the Eastern Carolinas, mid- Atlantic and in the North-Eastern US too by the National Hurricane Centre.

US President Trump also tagged this Isaias “very serious”. Trump also suggested people remain “vigilant” till this hurricane passes.

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