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Cassie Dang Death, Comedian Cassie Dang Obituary: RIP To Producer And Lawyer Stuns La Comedy Community

cassie dang death

cassie dang death

Tracy Thi Vinh Nguyen a lawyer and fellow WLS graduate who was close with the Dang family wrote on Facebook on Wednesday that Cassie Dang had died (November 9, 2022).

Nguyen says she talked to Dang’s aunt, and Dang’s aunt told her that the comedian from Los Angeles had died. “I know we all love and will miss Cassie a lot,” she wrote in a post that was later shared by someone else who knew both her and Dang. After the news came out, there was a lot of love and sadness on social media.

RIP Cassie Dang:

Facebook made sure of the news. Tracy Thi Vinh Nguyen wrote on Cassie Dang’s wall that a “family friend” and fellow Whittier Law School graduate had died. She also said that Dang’s “big, close-knit” family hasn’t made any plans for the funeral yet. But Nguyen will tell her fans what she finds out as soon as she can.

Nguyen thanked Eyasu Felleke, a friend they both had, for spreading her post to more people. No one who has talked about Cassie Dang’s death on Facebook or Instagram has said how she died. However, many people who knew her or even just heard of her have shared their sadness on these sites.

Cassie Dang: Age

Source says that Cassie Dang was 39 when she died; her birthday was on November 8. That would make her about the same age as her friend Tracy Nguyen, who also went to Whittier Law School.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Nguyen started her bachelor’s degree in 2005. At the time of this writing, she would be about 35 years old. Her main address is in Garden Grove, California. This is the same city where Dang lived.

According to her Facebook page, Dang is from Irvine, California, and went to WLS from 2007 to 2011 to study law and intellectual property. Her name makes it sound like she is from Vietnam, but the last name Dang is also common in China, South Korea, and Punjab, India.

When People Heard That Cassie Dang Had Died, They Wrote Tributes All Over Social Media

People who knew were friends with, or worked with the late comedy producer Cassie Dang have taken to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to pay tribute to her.

One Facebook user writes, “I’m whiplashed because I was just texting with her a few days ago about her recent trip to Hawaii.” “She was a lawyer, and in the stand-up comedy scene, she was a strong advocate. I’m stunned. What a terrible tragedy.”

Another person who says they’ve known Cassie for 10 years writes that she “made it her mission to know EVERYONE! And pretty much did. When we heard about it yesterday, it was too much for me to take in. I am truly saddened. We’ll miss our “Funny Friend.” Goodbye Cassie!”

Her most recent Instagram post, which she put up just four days ago, has already gotten a lot of comments. Some are made up of nothing but love heart emojis. Others spoke out with words of sadness and love.

“RIP lovely lady. I hope you find some really funny stuff up there.

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