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bq, 3j, Caroline Haythornthwaite A Director, Professor, Researcher In the E- Learning And Of course The LEGEND! - The Tech Education
Caroline Haythornthwaite
Source : ischool.syr.edu

Caroline Haythornthwaite A Director, Professor, Researcher In the E- Learning And Of course The LEGEND!

She is a Professor a Researcher a Director at the Syracuse University School of Information Studies. She also worked as a School Director of the Library Science Graduate Program in July 2017. And previously she also worked as a Director and Professor at the Library, Archival and the Information Studies of School At SLAIS. 

The researches in her area show that the way interactions via computer media supports and affects the work, learning and social interactions primarily from via internet interactions. Haythornthwaite worked as an assistant professor, associate and full professor.


She got her Graduation from the Tent University, Peterborough, Ontario in B.SC degree in Psychology. After that, she completed her master’s in 1976 at the University of Toronto. After no of years in employment, she was completed at M.I.S. in Information and Science at the University of Toronto, in 1992, before completing her PhD in Information Science in 1996.

Caroline Haythornthwaite
Source : ischool.syr.edu

Research in the Academics 

She is mainly focused on how via the internet that is internet and information and communications technologies. (I.C.T.s) support work, learning and social interactions and are approached primarily from a social network. Her areas for academic researches include the following : 

  1. Organizational Theory.
  2. E-learning 
  3. Group Behavior 
  4. Peer Productions.

At Present Professional Position 

She was currently working as a Faculty at Syracuse’s iSchool in June 2016. In December 2016 it was has made clear that is will work as a Director in the School’s library in Science Graduate Program beginning in July 2017.

As of now, I hope for her to make more Researches and theories that would benefit the coming generations to learn more things.


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