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Carnival Row Season 2 Release Date: Amazon Ends Carnival Row With Season 2, Sets Premiere Date

carnival row season 2 release date

carnival row season 2 release date

Carnival Row, a new Amazon Prime series, released its first season in June of 2019. Despite the show receiving mixed reviews from critics and fans, it is on its second season so far.

The second season of Carnival Row is likely to come out after Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. So, it shouldn’t come before November 2022 at the earliest.

A fantasy show called Carnival Row is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. The show has a dystopian society that looks like Victorian England. The show takes place in a world where humans and mythical humanoid creatures live in the same cities.

They have left their war-torn countries to live as refugees in this city. This makes them have social problems with each other, just like it would with any group of people from different cultures who live close together.

Carnival Row Season 2: Release Date Details

Unfortunately, season 2 of Carnival Row isn’t on the list of upcoming shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video for August 2022. There were rumors at first that the game would come out in August, but it looks like fans will have to wait a long time.

Keeping with the pattern, the first season came out 17 months after it was filmed. And if the second season follows the same schedule, it should come out in the last quarter of 2022. Even though the filming is done, there is still a lot of CGI work to be done, which will probably take months to finish. Also, there is no information about whether each episode of the show will come out every week or all at once.

The second season of Carnival Row is likely to come out after Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. So, it shouldn’t come before November 2022 at the earliest.

What Can We Expect From Season 2 of Carnival Row?

Philo and Vignette are stuck in the now-closed-off Carnival Row, so it’s likely that the next season will be about the divide between the two worlds and how the critch community is being pushed down more and more. This season, viewers learned about the criminal underworld of the Black Raven and the groups of extremists who are trying to rise up against the Burgue’s ruling class.

Both of these groups are likely to play a big role in Season 2’s inevitable uprising. The world outside of the Burgue is another direction the show will definitely go. Since Imogen and Agreus are going to other countries across the ocean, it’s likely that we’ll learn more about the show’s larger world.

Jonah was briefly swayed by Sophie’s charms, but it’s clear that she’s very dishonest, and let’s not forget that Jonah used to like it when humans and fae got along. Jonah could rebel against his new possible partner, be betrayed by her, or just keep going down to the Dark Side in Season 2.

There are still a lot of secrets to be found and told by the many people who live in Carnival Row in the next season. As the fae try to get their freedom back, things are likely to get a lot worse for the people who live in this huge fantasy world before they get better.

Trailer Of Carnival Row Season 2

Amazon hasn’t released a teaser or full trailer for Carnival Row Season 2 yet, but it should come out a few months before the show’s premiere. When it comes out, we will let you know here on Here is where you can see the first season’s trailer for now:

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