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Almost mobile users in world now are using Android devices. These mobile users are habituating to application available on play store. So, the demand of Android devices is increasing day by day.

Android is based on Java Programmes, if you know how to use Java then you can easily learn it. It is cheap and easy to use. There is a lack of talented Android developers and the Android market produces a lot employment every year.

There is a good chance for career growth for Android developers. In starting they have to do coding most. And after some time they are promoted to do managerial work such as, managing clients and projects.

As A Trainee – When a Android developer starts his journey in Android developing he has to show his basic talent and has to prove that he has enough knowledge about Android.

Junior Developer – A trainee gets promoted to the post of Jr. Android developer where he has to do coding under the post of Sr. Android Developer. A Jr. Developer gets a permanent job in the company.

Senior Developer – A Jr. Developer after 2 or 3 years is promoted to the post of Sr. Developer where his job to do entire coding and to develop tough modules.

Team leader – After the completion of 6 or 7 years of job a Sr. Developer promoted to the post of a leader of Jr. And Sr. Developer. On this post he has to get some important management skills.


Jr. Project Manager – On this post the developer has to take some projects under his guidance and has to confirm that they got completed within a particular period. The developer gets promoted to this post after the completion of 10 years of job.

Sr. Project Manager – The work of Sr. Manager is to do 5 or more projects on a time and on this post the manager has the responsibliy of the company’s growth.

Chief Techinal Officer – If you don’t want to go to managerial work you can choose a deep career in technical field that is related to working on softwares.

There are different types of designation in different companies. But the type of work is same in all the organisation. The organisation can create its designation as per its requirments. 

Payment Structure:

The salary given to the developer is effected by his work quality, organisation’s policies, organisation’s turnover and etc. Normally a Jr. Developer gets approx. 10000-25000 rs. Per month. This can be different by company to company. A Sr. Developer gets on an average of 25000 to 45000 per month. After the promotion the sr. Developer gets promoted to the team leader post and then he earns about 50000-90000 rs per month. When a developer promoted to the managerial work then he begins to earn a massive amount that is 1,00,000 to 1,20,000 per month. This amount can be differ in different companies. Because the manager needs a lot experience to get this post he earns such amount. After the Jr. Manager he is promoted to the Sr. Manager where he has to do something more liable work of management. He earns more than a Jr. Manager. He gets around 125,000 to 150,000 per month. All these salaries are depends on the structure of the company or organisation where a developer works. So the amount of remuneration can vary.

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