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Cardi B Files For Divorce With Offset After Being Married For 3 Years. Were They Never Meant To Be?

Cardi B files divorce with husband offset and this one move has shocked the media and her fans to the core. Well, you see everyone had a slight idea that their marriage was always an on and off matter. They had a rough patch while being a couple. Two years ago to they were on the verge of separation. But however, the damage done was never enough to get them divorced. And now, after being married for three years, Cardi B finally decided to give up on their relationship. And that is truly sad. It has set off fans to major tweets and paparazzi have started to buzz in keeping a hawk-like eye on the couple and their moves.

Cardi B and all you need to know about her divorce!

According to court records, the superstar lady Cardi B filed the divorce from her rapper husband Offset on Tuesday. The couple marriage was held as a secret ceremony in September 2017. Besides the close friends and family, not a single soul knew about their wedding that was held at the time. It was only after being wedded did the world come to know about them. And their break-up too was publicized two years ago but somehow the couple got through it. Cardi B also confessed that they loved each other a lot but somehow things aren’t working between them. This, she confessed in 2018 when they broke up. It was like they grew out of love and decided to not be together anymore.

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But even after that the couple again reunited. It seemed it was something about offset cheating on Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, also known as Cardi B. Cardi that time too said that monogamy us the only way for her. She can’t stand unfaithfulness. And truth be told, no woman can. Especially from her husband.

Anyways coming back to the high profile couple’s case Cardi B is also seeking custody. Yes, the lady rapper is in a custody battle for her two-year-old daughter Kulture. And offset is supposed to be there for child support.

A hearing is set for November 4, as says the reports that come from Fulton county court in Georgia which is offset’s home. Anyways we would go back to you with as many information we can the next time. Nonetheless, Cardi B has found a way to be in trend yet again. Stay tuned!


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