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Can Trump Victory Would Lead To Nancy Pelosi Out Of Power? Here Are The Exclusive Details…..

Nancy relation with Trump

Nancy Pelosi is currently a speaker of the house but, If democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden goes down in flames, Pelosi will no longer be speaker of the house. As we all are the witness of hatred between Trump and Nancy Pelosi, this will affect the election results for sure.

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Why Trump hates Pelosi?

It was Pelosi and her peer who orchestrated the nomination of 77 years old Joe Biden, panicked that far-left candidate Sens. Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren would crush in a general election.

Donald Trump Tax returns
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As necessary, it was Pelosi who has overseen the Democratic strategy of total and complete obstruction of him. She is only the one who stops Trump in the house when he is giving a speech and also points out the errors his speech has.

Pelosi and Violence!

Pelosi was the one who most recently has been mum about the violence upending the US nation’s cities as told by Hills.tv and also, it was Pelosi who pushed Russiagate, and then Ukraine and most recently Post office gate to their absurd and dishonest conclusions.

hile Pelosi pumped up her base by endlessly lobbing grenades at the White House. She simultaneously enraged Trump supporters. Polling shows that people who voted for Trump in 2016 will vote for him again. Furthermore, that republican support for the president remains strong.

How can we tell Nancy Pelosi is rattled? It is just because, notwithstanding her reputation as a master politician; the speaker is making mistakes. These mistakes will affect her career, as a result, can take away her seat.

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