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10,000 Acres In a Day - The Tech Education

Cameron Peak Fire Extends By 10,000 Acres In a Day

The Cameron peak fire that ignited on the 13th of August has intensified and exploded to 40,000 acres of land. The fire led to ash raining down over Greeley in the east and the Denver metro area in the south.

Hot, dry and high winds from the west caused the fire to spread continuously over the period of time. The fire also happened to burn into the Rocky Mountain National Park.

On Sunday, September 6th the fire grew by 10,000 acres, prompting new evacuations.

Further Information

Due to the rapid spread of the fire mandatory and voluntary evacuations have been ordered. People around the affected region complained of fly ash due to the fire. According to officials the fire is completely out of control and although the upcoming snowfall will help control the fire, it won’t extinguish.

The National Interagency Fire Center has surpassed $16 million for fighting the raging fire caused. Although the fire has caused a lot of damage to the wildlife no structures have been damaged so far. The fire is mainly effecting rural lands and has become one of the four most raging fires in Colorado.

According to Cameron Peak Fire’s incident leader ” This will be a long-duration fire.” All of Colorado is under the status of a drought with no sign of rainfall anytime soon. There is also accumalation of soot and burnt pine needles on cars parked around the affected area. There is a Red Flag warning for the high county, due to low humidity and high winds the fire may explode a lot more than before.

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