Call Of Duty- New Bunkers!

Call Of Duty: We May Now Know The Name Of This Year’s Call Of Duty Game

The release of new Call Of Duty games is an inevitability in the gaming industry. There’s always one around the corner. In years past, the series had become quite stale. However, with the huge success of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, which rebooted the popular series, there’s some new life in the hugely popular first-person shooter series.

Next COD Game Might Return To Black Ops

Modern Warfare’s new Warzone battle royale mode, which is available as a standalone game, is also pretty great. So, the prospect of a new Call Of Duty isn’t quite as much of a turn off as it had been before the new Modern Warfare.

Now, based on a leak that has popped up on the internet, we may have a clue as to what’s coming next. Twitter user @Okami13_ posted a picture, which simply included the title “Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War”. Black Ops is one of the Call Of Duty series’ most well-known segments. We’ve already seen four Black Ops games already.

This Year’s Call Of Duty Might Have Cold War Setting

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Based on this title, it’s likely that that the Black Ops line of games is getting the Modern Warfare reboot treatment, too. The Cold War subtitle is the interesting part, though. Recently, Call Of Duty: Warzone got an update that allowed players to access the map’s previously locked-off bunkers

On the surface, these bunkers are just another way to grab better loot. Players need a red keycard from a legendary chest to access them, and they find a massive cache of weapons and equipment inside. However, there are numerous other hints scattered throughout the Warzone map that point towards a Cold War setting.

Call Of Duty Warzone Update Is Hinting At The Cold War As Well

Some data miners found designs for a U-2 plane, which is from the Cold War era. Additionally, users on r/COD Warzone have discovered that the telephones on the Warzone map are ringing now. Anyone who picks up the phone gets a secret message in Russian.

There’s also a Kotaku report from last year that lines up with these hints and rumours. While we don’t have an official announcement yet, there’s too much smoke for there to be no fire.

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