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rm, dcc, d, y0, Bronna Taylor's Verdict Announced And Protests Erupted!! Here Are The Exclusive Details About The Suspect... - The Tech Education
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Bronna Taylor’s Verdict Announced And Protests Erupted!! Here Are The Exclusive Details About The Suspect…

The protests related to the Kentucky jury’s decision turned into bloodshed. The grand jury presented its verdict on Breonna Taylor’s death.
The protests broke out when the decision was a communication which states no murder charges against the officers involved in the death case.

Source: Google

During these protests, a gunman opened fire at cops in which two of the cops got bullet hits.  The suspect caught in the matter has been charged with “Wanton endangerment.” This suspect is named to be Larynzo Johnson who has been arrested for the act.

Moreover, the whole citation of Larynzo’s arrest states that he intentionally used the weapons and fired multiple bullets on cops. And in that whole scene, two of the cops were seriously injured. The entire unrest led to the arrest of about 127 protesters in Louisville.

Source: Google

Several protests included those in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. Several protests included the loss of property, resisting arrest, assault on police officers and many more violent protests.

Also, a very shocking video has come up from Seattle. In this video, a cop can be seen running a bicycle over the head of a protester. Cops resisting the protesting mob even used pepper balls to contain and detain the protesters.

The Kentucky Governor even went on to control the situation and deployed the National Guard there.
In these protests, about two journalists were also arrested. President Donald Trump also took to Twitter to tweet on the concerning matter. He tweeted his prayers for the injured officers.

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