Brian Wilson Net Worth

Brian Wilson Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Make In 2022


Brian Wilson Net Worth

Brian Wilson is an American musician with a net worth of $100 million. Brian Wilson is well recognized as The Beach Boys’ main vocalist and primary songwriter. Additionally, he served as the band’s manager and producer.

He quit the group due to substance abuse and mental health issues, although he later established a solo profession and got a Grammy in 2005.

Wilson is widely considered one of the most innovative composers of all time, having written over two dozen of the band’s Top 40 singles. His approach to writing and composing has had a significant effect on musical genres such as indie, pop, and punk rock, to name a few.

Early Life

On June 20, 1942, Wilson was born in Inglewood, California, to Audree Neva and Murry Wilson. He is the oldest of three boys; Dennis and Carl are his brothers, and he is of mixed Western European ancestry. 

His parents recognized and encouraged his musical aptitude from an early age, noting that he could recall song tunes as young as one. When he was seven years old, he joined the local church choir and performed at various events after entering school. 

He also started singing with his two brothers, teaching them harmony parts and cultivating an interest in keyboard imitations of harmonic sounds.

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Wilson started singing publicly in high school, collaborating with cousin Mike Love, and following his passion for music professionally in 1960, enrolling at El Camino College in Los Angeles to study music and psychology. He composed his first song, “Surfer Girl,” the following year, which became a top-ten smash in 1963.

Professional Career

In 1961, the Pendletones, the forerunners of the Beach Boys, played together for the first time. The gang of five men included Wilson, his brothers Carl and Dennis, cousin Mike Love, and college buddy Al Jardine.

Wilson and Love penned their first local hit, “Surfin.” After hearing the song, Candix Records immediately changed the band’s name to the Beach Boys. 

The group’s stay with Candix Records, on the other hand, was short, as Wilson’s father, acting as band manager, canceled the contract and aided the band in securing a deal with Capitol Records. The label released the chart-topping singles “409” and “Surfin Safari.”

Wilson and the Beach Boys began recording new songs in 1963 for Capitol Records, and their first top-ten smash, “Surfin’ United States of America,” was a top-ten hit. 

Wilson was heavily engaged in the recording process, negotiating to produce the Beach Boys’ first album and opting for double-tracking for all of the band’s voices, which resulted in the Beach Boys’ trademark deep sound.

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Wilson went on to record albums such as Surfer Girl in 1963 and Little Deuce Coupe a few months later. Wilson also started producing artists such as Jan and Dean, the Castells, and The Honeys. 

He believed he was much better suited to the producer position, both for other artists and the Beach Boys, and withdrew from the Beach Boys’ touring schedule in 1964 after suffering a panic attack on a plane. Glen Campbell and, subsequently, Bruce Johnston substituted in for Wilson during live performances.

Wilson started experimenting with cannabis and hallucinogenic substances in 1965, which influenced his music significantly. 

Wilson continued to push himself by exploring new musical genres and sounds, most notably with the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, which has garnered great critical acclaim and is often considered a Brian Wilson solo album. 

Soon after that, another of Wilson’s Beach Boys compositions, Good Vibrations, was published and became the band’s third US number one hit.

Wilson’s commercial success with his second album, Smile, was impeded by band disagreements and Wilson’s troubles. Wilson’s enthusiasm for the Beach Boys waned, ultimately canceling the idea. 

While he remained a band member for several years, his drug use and growing eccentricities gained him a terrible reputation, and record firms were wary of dealing with him.

Wilson became even more reclusive after his father’s death in 1973, and his voice deteriorated rapidly due to his regular cigarette and cocaine use. 

This time of isolation continued until Wilson’s family and wife sought the aid of therapist Eugene Landy. He supported Wilson in regaining stability, although Landy’s approaches were radical and his therapy was expensive. He eventually rejoined the Beach Boys and started releasing solo songs, the majority of which have garnered critical praise.

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