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Bragging Rights On TV Ratings- Claimed By Biden Over President Donald Trump!!

Bragging Rights On TV ratings- Claimed by Biden over President Donald Trump!!

Biden Brags Over Trump On TV Ratings

Democrat Joe Biden claims bragging rights on TV ratings over US President Donald Trump.

On Thursday night, Trump gave his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention on the open ground of the White House. And according to the Nielsen Company, 23.8 million viewers spectated the program on Television. Whereas, 24.6 million people spectated the show on Television while Joe Biden was accepting the Democrat nomination for President.

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Source: CNN

As per the source, this year on an average of the four days Democrat has 21.6 million viewers on Television whereas Republican has only 19.4 million viewers. Comparatively, Democrat has more viewers than Republican for three days among the four, being one day as an exception, said by Nielsen.

As per the latest update from the Fox channel, 9.2 million people spectated Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention on Thursday night. Fox channel is one of the most popular channels among Trump fans. About 7.2 million viewers watched the Republican Convention program in all four nights. But just 2.36 million viewers watched the Democrats on the Television in those four nights.

On the other hand, Democrats hosted by Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid and, Nicolle Wallace on MSNBC reached almost 5.74 million viewers. But as per Nielsen, the Republican convention had only about 1.7 million viewers on average.

Fall In TV Viewers In The Recent Years

It is very difficult to provide accurate TV rating data because television viewers are down for the last four years. And also it didn’t even seem like a convention as delegates could not gather in the arena to cheer their favorites. Also, most of the Republican and Democrat presentations are virtual and some speeches are even pre-recorded which is followed by the live speech on the open lawn of the White House.

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Party leaders will check if any of the presentation element is likely to survive in the next four years, when delegates would be able to meet.

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