Blockchain Emerges Successfully as The Top Hard Skill for 2020


Hard skills are what we are working on. Many of the hard skills continue to evolve and change. The present evolving hard skill is nothing but blockchain.

LinkedIn recently published its research findings for the top soft and hard skills that employers are looking for in 2020. LinkedIn analysed data from over 660 million professionals, 20 million jobs, and identified 15 in-demand soft and hard skills of 2020.

Blockchain topped as the most in-demand hard skills of 2020. Though the technology did not rank in 2019, blockchain developers topped as the emerging job in 2018. The business giants using blockchain include IBM, Amazon, American Express, Oracle, JP Morgan Chase, Microsoft, and, etc.

The other hard skills included cloud computing, analytical reasoning, artificial intelligence, UX design, business marketing, etc. Meanwhile, the soft skills included creativity, persuasion, collaboration, adaptability, and emotional intelligence, where creativity topped the soft-skill list.

Let’s explore blockchain technology.

Blockchain was used to support the use of cryptocurrency. As the technology got explored further, its novel way to store, validate, move, and authorize data over the Internet attracted several businesses to implement blockchain for their industry. It is a powerful technology that facilitates users to exchange sensitive data, transactions, or information without a middleman.

With a fair share of public scrutiny for two decades, businesses are speculating the technology capabilities and where the technology is headed soon. Businesses are inclined toward the blockchain industry as they witness several economic and security benefits. The blockchain applications are used for secure payments, identity management, data sharing, etc. As per the 2019 market report by Pioneer, it is predicted that the global blockchain-as-a-service market size reaches US$ 8.13 by 2022.

The blockchain or cryptocurrency sector had ~$3.7B in investments in the year 2019, Dantoni’s reports. The blockchain Genesis says that the blockchain industry investment activity was predominant in Asia, North America, and Europe.


The latest Crypto Valley Venture Capital (CV VC) report found that there are 4,400 employees and the valuation of the top 50 blockchain companies in Liechtenstein and Switzerland adds up to $25.3 billion.

Blockchain delivers value across industries like supply chain, healthcare, banking, finance, insurance, transport, management, the housing industry, production lines, etc., and holds exceptional promise.

The selling point of blockchain for businesses include:

  • Improved accuracy by eliminating the middleman
  • Cost optimization by eliminating third-party verification
  • Tamper-proof documents owing to decentralization
  • Secure, private and efficient transactions
  • Transparency involved in the technology

Blockchain technology is being explored for business benefits and the majority of the industry leaders are adopting blockchain. The demand for certified blockchain professionals has increased. However, there are not many professionals to sign up for the most-in-demand role.

The top job openings in the blockchain domain include blockchain engineers, architects, full-stack developers, and front-end developers.

As a skill set, blockchain work-profile demands:

  • Programming technology and concepts like object-oriented programming, ledger economics, cryptography, etc.
  • T-shape skills. The practitioner must have cross-discipline broad skills like design thinking, agility, DevOps, continuous delivery, business, and technology experience.
  • Deep understanding of blockchain platforms like Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, Ripple, R3 Corda, etc., to identify the right use case.
  • Security skills such as public and private key cryptography, cryptographic hashing, digital signatures, and, etc.
  • Know standards and advocate blockchain principles for a progressive ecosystem.

Further, LinkedIn found that the top priority for employers hiring is in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, and Australia. If you are interested to take up blockchain technology, then this is the best time to earn blockchain certification, become the subject expert, join the industry leaders, and use technology for business benefits.

As the year 2020 will see tremendous progress, progress in your career too with this technology.

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