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BLM Protest Marked As ‘Violent’ – It Doesn’t Even Matches The Reality!

BLM Protest Marked As ‘Violent’ – It Doesn’t Even Matches The Reality!

Black LIves Matter

BLM Protest Marked As ‘Violent’ By A Reader

Annie Reneau, a writer, wrote an article on the murder of the 5-year old, Cannon Hinnant. She also noted how the murder of a child was used to attack the BLM Movement. In the comment box, an angry reader wrote, “When is the last time you saw a BLM protest that wasn’t violent?”

As per the report, most of the BLM movements until now are marked as peaceful. So the author said,

“I was stunned. Was this person serious?”

Since 2014, a private non-profit organisation, Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED), has been keeping records of all the conflicts in the world. According to their report, more than 10K protests have taken place in the US since May 2020. Among all those, 73% of the conflicts include BLM protest. And in these more than 7000 conflicts, 93% protests are marked as ‘peaceful and non-violent’. 

But those BLM protest that led to violence, most of the violence were created by some outsiders. For example, a white supremacist participated in the protest rally of George Floyd. Later, it has been found that the white supremacist was responsible for violence during BLM protest in Richmond, Virginia. The law enforcement also said to have created much violence.

Reports As Per ACLED

Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) reported,

“Overall, ACLED data indicate that government forces soon took a heavy-handed approach to the growing protest movement. In demonstrations where authorities are present, they use force more often than not. Data show that they have disproportionately used power while intervening in demonstrations associated with the BLM movement, relative to other types of demonstrations.

Despite the fact that demonstrations associated with the BLM movement have been overwhelmingly peaceful, more than 9% — or nearly one in 10 — have been met with government intervention, compared to 3% of all other demonstrations. This also marks a general increase in intervention rates relative to this time last year. In July 2019, authorities intervened in under 2% of all demonstrations — fewer than 30 events — relative to July 2020, when they intervened in 9% of all demonstrations — or over 170 events.”

So, in conclusion, Annie, the writer, said, “Regardless, the notion that the Black Lives Matter movement is inherently violent is false.”


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