Source: The New York Times
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Black Lives Matter: Black Man Shoot By L.A. Deputy, When Dropped A Gun(They Say)!

A black man was shot dead by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies when has was asked to stop for a traffic violation while riding a bicycle. Authorities have informed that during the chase, he dropped a bundle of objects, which included a gun as well. The man also punched one of the sheriffs in charge and tried to pick up the gun from the ground, which eventually lead to open fire.

Dijon Kizzee, 29, was shot dead on Tuesday. Sheriff’s Lt. Brandon Dean informs the specific violations were not known, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Dean informed that no official interview had been held till now, but he confirmed: When the deputies tried to stop Dijon, he left his bike and ran. After getting caught up, he punched one of the deputies in the face and dropped a bunch of clothes with which a handgun was spotted, leading to open fire.

“He was in possession of a firearm and did assault a deputy,” Dean said.

Source: The New York Times

Justice For Dijon Kizzee! Cries Out People. Black Lives Matter

Claims have been made on the Department, whether the open shooting was just or not.

More than 100 people gathered and marched towards sheriff’s station. Some screamed “Say his name” and “No justice, no peace,” the Times reported. Not only that, Many of them questioned what lead the deputies to fire an unarmed man.

“If he reached down to grab it, that’s different,” Givens reported the Times. “But if it’s on the ground, why shoot? That means he was unarmed.”

All this havoc has created a lot of distress among nearby sheriff’s station in Los Angeles. The killing came on the foot of the police shooting in Wisconsin, that Hurt Jacob Blake, a Black Man, paralyzed and led to days of protests, igniting the national debate on the racial injustice faced by the Americans.

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