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Billie Eilish: Performs Her New Song ‘My Future’ During The Democratic National Convention,Urges People To Vote Against Trump In Her Pro-Biden! Read More…

Billie Eilish appeared on the third night of The Democratic National Convention.

Billie Eilish Performs Her New Song

The 18 year old songstress was a part of The Democratic National Convention. And performed her new song ‘My Future’ for the very first time. In the third night of the convention Eilish was one of the invited musical performers out of which included John Legend, The Chicks. etc.

Billie Eilish
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So the singer performed her song ‘My Future’ during the convention. And this was for the first time Eilish sang this song in the public.  No doubt she was one of the youngest performers in the convention. Although this convention was a virtual one where everybody participated from their respective homes in lieu of the pandemic but that didn’t affect Eilish.

Because in spite of being a virtual event Eilish managed to create a great impact through her words and music.

Her Pro Democrat Speech

Well before Eilish started her musical performance she gave a small speech. As she began by saying that how Donald Trump has destroyed the democracy. Thus it is the time when we need to choose our leader wisely. She also stressed on factors like climate change, falling economic, racism and the ongoing pandemic.

Billie Eilish
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Moreover Eilish also said, ”it starts with voting against Donald Trump and for Joe Biden.” Thus urging people to choose Joe Biden as their leader. She also asked the people to come out and vote on the election day because it is a matter of the country’s future. Hence she slammed Trump in her speech.

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The Singer ensured that Joe Biden and his party would really be a boon for the country if they come to power. And that the United States would be free from the clutches of a dictator who doesn’t care about his citizens.

Thus Eilish was quite vocal about her political views during the convention!

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