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Biden’s Interview With Fox News Was A Train-Wreck? What Is Biden Hiding?

Well, look, what’s trending now! TJ Duckloe, Biden’s campaign spokesperson, streamed on fox news. He had an interview session with Bret Baier, and my god was it a disaster! Moreover, it was as if Biden couldn’t speak for longer without getting wiped out. I mean, Baier said it sucks.

We all also know that how much Biden love china products. It is one of the reasons so many people have lost their jobs. So many here means millions of them. Millions of manufacturing company have been shut down in 14 years!

And now in the reference of the interview, Biden and his staff proved one more thing. They can’t even handle simple questions asked to them. Is he standing as a candidate for presidential election 2020?

Furthermore, as the interview progressed, Duckloe was seen defending Biden about the china travel ban. He said that Biden never tried to stop the prohibition put over china products and china apps. Well, this is downright a false statement because fox news says they have a video of him cribbing about bringing China into this! Like seriously?

Biden didn’t stop criticizing Trump until April 3. The people of America are perplexed. These are the one’s who are going to be standing in the 2020 elections.  Trump was accused of calling the war soldiers ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’ and look how fast the story died. Too fast, isn’t it?

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Coming back to Biden, when Baier asked Duckloe if Biden ever uses a Teleprompter during interviews, Duckloe didn’t have an answer. Instead, he attacked the interviewer himself. The disaster of an interview, seriously, for the Biden Campaign. Just like Biden. Duckloe too didn’t want to answer the question. Typical.

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