Amanda Holden
Amanda Holden

BGT Judge Amanda Holden Accused Of Scaremongering By Tweeting Petition Linking 5G Networks To Coronavirus

Celebrities are pivotal figures in society. People admire and follow them. But most people don’t use their brains to check the authenticity of such information, Amanda Holden is one such celebrity.

Celebrities have the power to set trends. They can raise awareness about the environment or illness. But they should have their facts checked before preaching anything.

Misinformation from the mouth of a public figure hurts society. Not only it portrays a bad image but it also can cause unnecessary panic and violence.

Amanda Holden Creates A Petition Against  5G

While the world was amid corona pandemic Britain’s Got Talent Judge came into controversy. She created a petition in Change.Org against the introduction of  5G technology to the United Kingdom.

She laid claims that 5G technology is somehow linked to the coronavirus pandemic. This made-up claim as there is no real evidence on the matter. She further added that 5G technology can alter DNA and rid the atmosphere of oxygen.

After she posted about the petition on tweeter people started criticizing her. Some even questioned her IQ level.

Amanda Holden channels inner Khloe Kardashian with dramatic hair ...

Who Is Amanda Holden?

Amanda Holden is a British actress and singer. She has been appearing as a judge in one of Britain’s top reality show  ” Britain’s Got Talent” since  2007.

Amanda was also part of a popular tv series Wild at Heart which ran from 2006 to 2008. Her role as Sarah Trevanion gained her a lot of fame.

She has her won brand and is also involved in charity work. Most importantly she has got millions of followers worldwide. So she should be sensible of what she says to her followers.

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It is also astonishing that a celebrity of her feature will make such baseless claims.

What Is  5G  Technology?

5G or 5th Generation is the latest cell phone network. It came after 4G or 4th Generation.  Mobile networks are graded by generations.

Currently, the USA and China are in a race to launch a 5G network. Although China is leading the race the USA and other countries are not far behind.

Here are some of the features of the new 5G network :

  1.  5G will help users to connect any form of electronic devices and objects. This will provide users with remote access to any device.
  2. It will provide very high download speed in gigabytes per second.
  3. It will more reliable and efficient with a lot of network space.

There can be a certain environmental impact caused by the network but it is not clear to what extent. So we should not speculate anything.

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