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Berserk Season 3 Release Date CONFIRMED or CANCELLED!

Berserk Season 3 Release Date

Berserk (sometimes spelled Beruseruku in Japanese) is a dark fantasy anime television series based on the same-named manga series. The manga series, written and drawn by Kentarou Miura, began publication on April 25, 1989, and has continued to this day. 

The manga series was turned into an anime television series in 1997, covering the manga’s Conviction narrative arc. Between 2012 and 2013, more than a decade later, the manga’s Gold Age plot arc was turned into an anime film trilogy.

Berserk: Ougon Jidai-hen I – Haou no Tamago was published on February 4, 2012, followed by Berserk: Ougon Jidai-hen II – Doldrey Kouryaku on June 23, 2012, and Berserk: Ougon Jidai-hen III – Kourin on February 1, 2013. 

A few years later, it was revealed that a new anime television series would be created to depict events after the Gold Age narrative arc, and Season 1 of Berserk aired on July 1, 2016. 

Although critics questioned the show’s animation style, it resonated with series fans and was revived for a second season, which debuted on April 7, 2017. Since then, fans have awaited word on the third season, and here’s all we know so far about Season 3.

Berserk Season 3 Release Date

There has been no word about the third installment. Nonetheless, supporters are certain that the production crew will work on the third season since the end episode of the second season left viewers with a lot of unanswered questions. Additionally, it concluded with a positive message reading, “The Story Continues.”

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However, if we were to speculate when the third season of Berserk will be released, it may be somewhere in 2022.

Berserk Plot

Berserk is set in the fictitious Kingdom of Midland and chronicles the adventures of Guts, a mercenary who roams the kingdom hunting for battles. Guts is a man of war, wielding a sword that is bigger than himself, and despite the odds never being in his favor, he manages to defeat any adversary.

Guts’ fighting skill eventually gets the attention of Griffith, the enigmatic commander of a mercenary outfit known as the Band of the Hawk. Griffith, impressed by Guts, offers Guts the opportunity to join the organization, but Guts declines instead of challenging Griffith to a battle. 

Griffith accepts the challenge and ultimately defeats Guts, compelling him to join the club. As a member of the Band of the Hawk, Guts is tasked with assisting Griffith and other mercenaries in resolving a war against the Empire of Chuder. Still, unknowing to everyone else, Griffith seems to have his plan.

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When the Band of the Hawk completes the mission, Guts leaves to follow his own goals, despite Griffith’s efforts to convince him to remain. 

When Guts rejoins the gang years later, he discovers that its strength has fallen and that the group is now being pursued throughout Midland for an act of treason perpetrated by Griffith, who has since been imprisoned. 

When the mercenaries ultimately succeed in rescuing Griffith from captivity with Guts’ assistance, they discover that Griffith has undergone a full transformation while imprisoned. 

Griffith has deteriorated into a shell of his former self, and the Band of the Hawk must work to reclaim their previous prominence in Midland. However, their quest to reclaim their former grandeur takes a terrible turn.

Guts are then forced to strive to control his destiny after being marked for death and mercilessly pursued by demons. It proves far from simple, but Guts is aided along the road by some surprising friends. 

Midland devolves into anarchy as demons come and wreak havoc over the countryside as the program proceeds. 

Meanwhile, years of relentless combat begin to take their toll on Guts, and his determination to reverse his destiny culminates in the hunt for a mysterious realm known as Elfhelm, where demons are forbidden to go.

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