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Sevilla And Broke A European Record, Previously Held By Real Madrid - The Tech Education
Source: AS English

Bayern Munich Won Over Sevilla And Broke A European Record, Previously Held By Real Madrid

After their UEFA Super Cup win over Sevilla, Bayern Munich broke a European record. The record, however, previously held by Real Madrid. An extra-time winner from Javi Martinez saw Bayern Munich beat Sevilla to lift the UEFA Super Cup. Over 15,000 spectators were present inside the Puskas Arena in Budapest, despite rising COVID-19 rates in the city.

With the score tied at 1-1 at the end of regular time, the first time that Bayern had failed to beat any opponent in 90 minutes in 22 matches goes back to February. The Spanish veteran rose to head home and secure victory over last season’s Europa League winners, Sevilla.

Bayern Munich calculated on Friday that victory in the UEFA Super Cup had given them the record for most consecutive wins. “For the Munich team it resulted in the 23rd victory in a row,” said the club on their website the day after Hansi Flick’s Bayern team beat Sevilla 2-1 in extra time in Budapest.

“No other team from the European top five leagues has ever managed such a streak. It is therefore unique, a new record!”

Football statisticians confirmed about Bayern longest known winning streak.

Bayern win UEFA
Source: Yahoo! Sports

Mentioned streak performed by Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid, with 22 straight, between September and December 2014.

Bayern’s run, in contrast, came at the end of a season and included a string of big matches such as the German Cup final and the later rounds of the Champions League, as well as the Super Cup.

“This deserves the utmost respect and recognition. Congratulations to the team and the whole team behind them,” president Herbert Hainer said.

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The club website praised the way Bayern had won.

“Much more remarkable than this number is the way Bayern have played during the streak. Flick’s team dominated almost every opponent, no matter if they were called Chelsea, Borussia Dortmund orĀ Barcelona.”

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