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Barbados: Queen Will No Longer Be The Head Of The State, They Will Be Republic By November 2021.

The shocking news is on its way. Very soon, the Queen would be removed. Barbados pronounce about this, and it’s a quest to become a republic nation.

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This will be done by November 2021. Some people are against this, whereas some people support this idea.

Mia Mottley, the prime minister, quoted Errol Barrow’s warning. It was against ‘loitering on colonial premises’.

However, this was in a speech which was written by the prime ministers of herself.

The Real Intention?

For the Caribbean nation, Buckingham Palace asked Barbados’ intention. Obviously about removing the queen and becoming a republic.

Dame Sandra Mason stated that the time has arrived to leave our colonial past behind entirely. However, he is the Governor-General. Moreover, Barbadians demanded a head of state for the Barbadians.

This decision clearly shows their confidence and their capability of achievements.

By their 55th anniversary of Independence, they will try to become a Republic nation.

All of these initiatives are mostly for the smooth functioning of the government and the citizens.

Even after all of these changes, Britain will continue it’s partnership members of the commonwealth with the Caribbean Island.

The queen has been in the constitutional minutes since the independence of the country. However, it gained independence in 1966.

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