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Are Genevieve & Aaron Clancy Still Together? ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Couple, 2022

is aaron and genevieve still togethe

is aaron and genevieve still together

Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise started on September 27, and it didn’t take long for the cast to start making real connections. Serene Russell and Brandon Jones are a good match, but some of the other contestants can’t decide who they like.

Genevieve Parisi, who was on Clayton‘s season of The Bachelor quickly focused on Justin Glaze, who was a finalist on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette. But Victoria Fuller, who was late, asked the sales consultant right away to go on a date with her.

Genevieve found out, along with the other women, that Salley Carson might be on her way to Paradise while she was waiting for Justin and Victoria to come back from their first date.

Salley was on Clayton’s season for a short time, but she never got out of the limo. On the episode of BiP that aired on October 3, Kira Mengistu said that Salley met Justin at the Stagecoach Festival in 2022.

When Justin got back from his date, he told Genevieve that he wanted to keep exploring both connections. This made things even harder for her.

Even though viewers don’t know who Justin will give his rose to at the first rose ceremony, a teaser clip showed that Aaron Clancy will soon be joining the cast (along with his bestie, James Bonsall). Based on the sneak peek clip, Aaron will ask Genevieve out on a date.

Will Genevieve keep spending time with Justin, or will she focus on her relationship with Aaron? Read on to learn more about the rumours about what will happen to her in the rest of Season 8.

Are Genevieve And Aaron Still Together?

Reality Steve says that Aaron and Genevieve decide to break up before the proposals, even though they are together at the end of the season. At this point, we don’t know what caused the breakup, but Aaron previously chose to finish Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise as a single man.

Since each season of Bachelor in Paradise ends with more than one proposal, Genevieve and Aaron may have realised they were not ready to take such a big step.

Even though the rumours about spoilers say that the two are no longer together, it is still possible that they got back together after filming. Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer and Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs got back together after their time on Bachelor in Paradise.

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