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dml, w2n, 51, 223, s, o, j, 3, g, h6, yu, BABY BLANFORD Is Very Well Healed Which Includes The London Restaurant and A Race Horse As They Introduces Them To Grandpa Duke Of Marlborough - The Tech Education
BABY BLANFORD Is Very Well Healed Which Includes The London Restaurant and A Race Horse As They Introduces Them To Grandpa Duke Of Marlborough
Source : dailymail.co.uk
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BABY BLANFORD Is Very Well Healed Which Includes The London Restaurant and A Race Horse As They Introduces Them To Grandpa Duke Of Marlborough

George Spencer-Churchill, the Marquess of Blandford, and interior designer Camilla Thorp welcomed daughter Olympia Arabella Kitty Spencer-Churchill earlier this month in Portland Hospital, London 

 The couple has now revealed that they have chosen their Godfathers for there daughter with bloodstock . Consultant Sam Haggas and restaurant owner Hugh Stanley cutting.

Camilla posted a group picture of the three godparents with George and Olympia, captioning it writing: ‘The godparents’. The selected people were chosen for this role were Hugh Stanley who is the nephew of the Earl of Derby and owns plush restaurant Stanleys in Chelsea.  

BABY BLANFORD Is Very Well Healed Which Includes The London Restaurant and A Race Horse As They Introduces Them To Grandpa Duke Of Marlborough
Source : dailymail.co.uk

He also posted a photo with the Child’s Grandfather Duke of Malborough. And gave the caption it with ” Loved meeting with the Grandfather”. The 27-year-old spent his teenage years setting up parties at Sloane Square stalwart.  Tonteria before he did work at nightclub Tramp and last three yrs in at The Sydney Arms.

He inaugurated the eatery, which is just off the King’s Road, in July 2020, with Tatler dubbing it the ‘smart new restaurant where the Chelsea set will be this summer’. In the end, they chose another close friend Mylo Sangster. Who is the grandson of a famed horse trainer and breeder Robert Sangster.

His father, William Haggas, is one of the honoured and respected trainers in the headquarters of British racing in Newmarket. And his mother Maureen is a former jockey and trainer and the daughter of Lester Piggott.  As one of the greatest flat racing jockeys of all time.



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