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Australia Witnessed A Fatal Shark Attack After 60 Years. A Surfer Mauled To Death!

Gold Coach Beach of Australia witnessed the first fatal Shark attack after 60 years. First doesn’t mean here that no incidents happened in between, it means they were not so Fatal. Because once a husband tried to punch a shark right on the face because he was attacking his wife. However, this is the first death that sharks have caused after 60 years.

It is great to see reports coming about the heroes who tried to save the man. Yes, reports say that some men did go to the victim to save him from the shark. But it was too late.  The shark has already ripped his legs off, and there was too much bleeding. The victim succumbed to his injuries. His injuries started from his hip to his knee.

The victim was taken out of the water soon; however, he could not be saved and died right at the spot. The ambulance did reach there more quickly, but it was of no use as he was already dead.

When the police officers asked about the appearance of the shark, they came to know that it was a giant whitish looking creature.

How Did The Shark Marked This Tragedy?

Well, for the starters, the victim’s name and identity were found by the Mayor of the Gold Coast named Tom Tate. The victim’s name was Nick Slater, who was 46-year-old and lived nearby Miami. The dead always used to come to the beach as he was a regular surfer.

When more surfers and mates were going towards Slater, they noticed the whitish shark. They were horrified, and the Lifeguarding officers couldn’t save him.

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One of the witnesses says that he was teaching his son to surf, and that’s when he heard people shouting ‘shark’ repeatedly. He further confessed that he was so scared for his son and son’s friends’ lives that he froze on the spot. That’s when he regained his senses and yelled for his son to get out of the water.

Furthermore, the department of agriculture and fisheries tells that the beach has a drum line and it is also netted. But they also know that it is not something impenetrable for the sharks to reach humans. With this, Mayor Tate extends his concern and asks people to ‘take care of their mates’.

The entire tragedy was so horrific and outblown for everyone involved. All the beaches from Burleigh to Snapper Rocks have been shut down until further notice.

The lifesaver boats and helicopters are circling the whole sea to get their hands on the shark. We extend our support to the victim and his family

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