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August Alsina Reveals Why He Made His Relationship With Jada Pinkett Public While She Was Still In Relationship With Will Smith!! And Here Is The Shocking Revelation!

The Brief Entanglement!

Jada Pinkett Smith and August Aksina set off a wave of heat when Jada revealed her relationship with August Alsina at a Red Table Talk  Show. Furthermore, will Smith compelled Jada Pinkett to admit the link openly. It was because she was hiding in the name of “Entanglement”.

Source: Dailymail

August Alsina Breaks Silence!

August is a fantastic singer. He was quite devastated when Jada called their brief relationship a mere entanglement. Subsequently, August wrote a song called Entanglement to highlight his feelings were still alive for Jada. He said he came forward with the claims because it had started to affect his ‘business relationships’ in the music industry.

Source: Dailymail

Also, Singer August Alsina and actress Jada Pinkett Smith also had a brief affair in 2015. It all happened when the actress was separated from her husband, Will Smith.

Furthermore, the affair was not confirmed back then but made headlines in the recent past after August Alsina made it public and Pinkett Smith later confirmed the news.

August Alsina’s Words!! You Will Be Moved…

When the singer was asked about the insights of his broken relationship with Jada, he said “I am really a private person,” .”People have never known much about my love life because it’s not essential.”

Alsina states that the gossip around his relationship with Pinkett Smith made him appear disrespectful. Moreover, he even said that it was in a way hampering his career. 

Alsina’s Family Duties!

The singer further continues to mention his family duties. “And I’m never okay with that,” he said. “I’ve got three kids to look after. Kill me, hate me, stone me, but bury me as an honest man. All I can do is tell the truth.”

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Alsina has three nieces who refer to as his children as he takes care of them post their parent’s death. The singer was no doubt disheartened when he was sidelined by the actress when she got back with her husband.

The Actress’s Words…

In June this year, the actress admitted to an “entanglement” on an episode of her talk show “Red Talk Table” that also featured her husband.

Source: Dailymail

“It was a relationship, absolutely. I was in a lot of pain,” Pinkett Smith said. “I was very broken. In the process of that relationship, I realised you couldn’t find happiness outside of yourself.”

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