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Floral Shirt As She Was Spotted Exiting The Global Studios - The Tech Education
Ashley Roberts
Source: Daily Mail
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Ashley Roberts Looks Jaw Dropping In A Red Floral Shirt As She Was Spotted Exiting The Global Studios

Ashley Roberts who was a part of the well known music band, the Pussycat Dolls currently hosts a radio program at the Heart FM.

Ashley Roberts Turn Heads In A Floral Shirt

The 39 year old singer turned presenter was spotted coming out of Global Studios after her radio show. And she was looking absolutely beautiful in her well synchronized attire.

Ashley Roberts
Source: Daily Mail

As she opted for a bright pink themed floral shirt which she paired with shiny satin blue colored trousers. Also Roberts made her entire look more peppy and colorful by donning a pair of hot pink heels. Thus proving that she absolutely loves loud colors and undoubtedly looks stunning in those.

As for her accessories she carried a red colored bucket bag and also donned a pair of cat eyes sunglasses. Even though she went for loud colors in her attire she chose to go for a subtle make up. Her gorgeous hairs were left untied which made her look amazingly gorgeous.

Revelation On Child Adoption

The former Pussycat Dolls singer recently made a big revelation during an interview. And it was that she might opt for adopting a child in the near future.

Ashley Roberts
Source: Instagram

Ashley stated that she can’t tell whether her body would actually be suitable for natural pregnancy. And that is why she always has a second option for everything and in this case it is adoption. Because she absolutely agrees with the idea that a child who is deprived from the love and care of his own parents needs a home.

And nothing can be more fulfilling than providing a needy child with a home and family he can call his own. As for her love live she is currently single after her split with ex boyfriend Giovanni Pernice.

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But the radio presenter in her interview with a magazine has said that she has moved on with her past. And is open to dating if he meets a man of her choice!

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