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Grande's 202M Fans Go Crazy As She Gives A Sneak Peak Of Her New Track On Instagram - The Tech Education
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Ariana Grande’s 202M Fans Go Crazy As She Gives A Sneak Peak Of Her New Track On Instagram

Ariana Grande, 27, has a massive fan following on Instagram. She is the second most followed personality after Cristiano Ronaldo, footballer. Grande’s every post is a treat for all her fans. Ariana, on Monday, posted a 5-second video on her Instagram. Find out what was in it!

Ariana’s Angelic Vocals

Ariana’s voice is everything that we all fall for. She posted a brief video with a cryptic caption. The caption read, “brb” and the video was a snippet of her new track. The video has already crossed eight million views. Not just the fans, but renowned personalities too, are going crazy about this new venture.

Grande’s former fellow musician Troye Sivan stated, “My Favourite Voice.” Moreover, Broadway legend, Kristin Chenoweth wrote, “Yes yes yes and more please.” Clearly, the excitement is over everyone’s head at the moment.

Further, Ariana’s tweet escalated the excitement. She had apparently tweeted some lyrics before posting the video on Instagram. The tweet read,

“know my love infinite nothing that i won’t do”

This would be Grande’s first release since her last album, “Thank U, Next” which came out in 2019, February.

Grande And Doja Cat’s collaboration

Ariana is waiting for the right time to launch the song.

Meanwhile, fans have been immensely waiting for Grande and Doja’s collaboration. Ariana claims that she is “obsessed” with the singer, and loves her.  Ariana has worked with the famous singer and saves the song for whenever its time to launch it.

Grande loves the personality of the Boss Bitch singer. She admires the work that Cat does and claims her to a “breath of fresh air.” Ariana inspires the way Doja produces and does everything herself. She terms her as “talented and brilliant.”

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