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Are Colleen And Matt Still Together? Fans Aren’t Sure To Still Support Colleen And Matt On Love Is Blind!

Are Colleen And Matt Still Together? Extreme highs and lows characterize Season 3 of Love Is Blind, a show about unmarried people who hope to be married. Colleen and Matt’s relationship has gone through its share of ups and downs, making it all the more intriguing to see if the two are still together.

Their love for one another was strong enough, they concluded, for them to proceed with an engagement. Despite the fact that Matt’s jealousy and Colleen’s worries about him never getting over Cole’s attraction to her plagued their relationship, they eventually tied the knot. Fans of Love Is Blind are curious about the status of their favorite couple after the premiere of their reunion on the streaming service.

Does ‘Love Is Blind’ leave Matt and Colleen still together?

Do Matt and Colleen Get Married in 'Love Is Blind' Season 3?

Should we expect Matt and Colleen to end up as another Love Is Blind couple who just can’t seem to make it? Alexa and Brennon, who are the show’s only other married couple, are popular with viewers and appear committed to their union.

Fans, though, aren’t sold on Matt and Colleen. Some viewers of the Love Is Blind reunion may have been put off by Colleen’s apparent discomfort and discontent with him.

The viewers aren’t sure if they want Matt and Colleen to make it because of Matt’s rage and confrontational demeanor during the season when he learned of Cole informing Colleen about his interest in her. Anyway, it looks like they’re still a couple.

Both Matt and Colleen ultimately uploaded images of each other on Instagram after the season finale was released on Netflix. Colleen responded to one of Matt’s recent tweets in which he said, “See you at the altar, gorgeous girl,” with, “On my way!”

Additionally, Colleen has given glimpses into their relationship. Colleen captioned a picture from the concert on Instagram as follows: “We discussed bringing each other into our “real world” for hours, and when the time came, we were both struck by how much we value and adore one another. Our history is one of my favorites.”

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‘Love Is Blind’ fans don’t quite trust Matt.

There are highs and lows in any relationship, but that’s just the way it is. The growing pains are amplified one hundredfold since Love Is Blind has couples rush into marriage. Matt and Colleen’s journey to the altar was not smooth sailing. Matt’s relationship with Colleen was tainted by his worries about his past relationships, which he carried over from them.

It was a trying time for them leading up to the altar, but it doesn’t mean their worries weren’t valid. Fans are doubtful that Matt and Colleen are a good match because of their frequent disputes and intense discussions. The couple, however, currently appears to disagree.

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