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Interested In Jazz Music? Join The Evergreen Richard Harper’s School Of Music

Richard Harper is an American jazz musician and a university teacher. He plays piano, keyboard, from bone, baritone horn and is also in vocals.

Richard’s Academic History

Richard studied composition at Wesleyan University. He then earned a masters degree from the Manhattan School of Music. Harper completed his PhD from Union Institute and University.

Richard’s Career

He was music director for active off-Broadway and regional theatre. He has arranged for various dance, theatre and music productions.

Richard initially taught American music, dance, and theatre programme at Suny Old Westbury. Moreover, he also taught at the Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College.

Harper, during his career, has worked with the following:

  1. Makanda Ken McIntyre
  2. Jabbo Ware
  3. Fred Ho
  4. Bill Laswell
  5. Archie Shepp
  6. Jaki Byard

    Get Yourself Enrolled At The New school.

He has also worked with Antony Braxton’s Trincentric Orchestra. Richard has also worked with vocal groups, such as The Four Tops and The Miracles.

Richard now leads the Jazz Voices as part of his teaching activities.

The Sun Old Westbury is now the New School. Richard is a faculty member at the school.

People interested in pursuing and learning jazz music can enrol themselves at the school.

Richard Harper has the best if educational qualifications and experience to guide and nurture young talent.


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