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5of, u, e, x, fxm, Ambush Shooting In Los Angeles Lead Two Cops To Fight For Their Life!
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Ambush Shooting In Los Angeles Lead Two Cops To Fight For Their Life – Here’s All You Need To Know!

Two Los Angeles County deputies are fighting for their life right now. After the cops were shot in an ambush, They has been critical since then! It happened when two cops- One man and a woman were sitting in their patrol cars. They were outside the metro station at Compton. There a gunman open fired against them and soon fled the scene, leaving them to suffer.

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Authorities say that the victims have suffered multiple gunshot wounds and are in a critical condition. Presently, they are undergoing several surgeries. The attacker on the other hand has not been caught yet since he fled the scene. A hunt is going on in the whole of the county to make him pay for what he did to the innocent cops.

Los Angeles Deputies Are Outraged!

The police Captain further refers to the attacker as a ‘monster’  says that he hopes he gets caught soon. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department released a CCTV Footage Surveillance that showed the attacker ambushing the officers. He walked up to their car and started shooting multiple shots without a warning or a provocative.

Captain Gisselle Espinoza, of Los Angeles Police Department, joined a number of law enforcement officials. She poured out her heart and said how monstrous the attack was. She was so shocked and the incident was so tragic that she couldn’t find more words.

Soon a video was also posted by the county sheriff’s department of the attacker wearing whole black clothes and a black cap. His dressing efficiently saved his identity to be recognized. Video of the ambush which occurred shortly before 7 p.m. shows a single shooter approaching the deputies’ parked SUV near the station at Willowbrook Avenue and Elm Street, then opening fire through the passenger door before running away.

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It is ‘making people sick to their stomach’. We wish and keep them in our prayers to get back to life, safe and healthy.

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