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oq, c0, mq9, s7, nv, lh, f, d, 7ql, wo, i, 3, k, l9, 2, s, Check How Trump Defends Lying To Americans About The Deadly Coronavirus Pandemic!! All Details Are Here... - The Tech Education
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Check How Trump Defends Lying To Americans About The Deadly Coronavirus Pandemic!! All Details Are Here…

Trump’s Lie Couldn’t Be Defended…

Well, all of you might be aware of how Trump is continuously trying to hide the reports of coronavirus. The situation in the US is worse. There has been a lot of fizz, which states how Trump consistently tries to ignore questions about reality.

Donald Trump
Source: Washington Post

Moreover,  President Donald Trump insisted “I didn’t lie” to the American public about the severity of coronavirus. Furthermore, he said that, despite having told journalist Bob Woodward in March that he’d been intentionally downplaying the virus’s potential impact.

What does the President say?

Furthermore, just after he finished defending himself by telling reporters he didn’t lie. Moreover, the president seemed to acknowledge painting a rosier picture than reality. “What I said is we have to be calm. Trump said, “We can’t panic,”.

Trump then sidestepped a question about why he’d continued to tell the public that the virus was “like the flu” when he knew in February that it was five times more lethal.

Donald Trump
Source: The New York Times

Additionally, Trump also said, “What I went out and said is very simple: I want to show a level of confidence, strength as a leader,”.

Moreover, Trump continues to tell people to carry on. There are several examples to quote about the courage of the President. He keeps on telling people that “The only fear we have to fear is fear itself”.

Although this interview will have a lot of negative impact on the election and the opponents will have the chance to take advantage. Let’s see how the future unfolds!

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