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b75, oz8, Who Has The Highest Polls For Now? Biden Or Trump?
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Who Has The Highest Polls For Now? Biden Or Trump?

Presidential nominee Joe Biden is said to be higher in the poll rate than the current President Donald Trump.

Anything can change till the election obviously, but over the survey of polls released still, Biden is on the top by 2 per cent.

Poll Survey

Source: Google

Some of the examples of the polls are given below:

Biden performed the best in polls conducted by Quinnipiac (taken from August 28 to August 31) and CBS News/YouGov (taken from September 2 to 4): Both found he had a ten percentage point lead over Trump, with 42 per cent of likely voters saying they would vote for Trump and 52 per cent saying they would vote for Biden. Polls were taken in late August, and early September from Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP, CNN/SSRS and Grinnell College found a lead of 8 points, while those from USA Today/Suffolk University and Reuters/Ipsos found Biden had a lead of 7 points. A Harvard CAPS/Harris poll had him leading by 6 points.

A Chance For Change

Donald Trump
Source: The New York Times

Although Trump’s percentage seems to be higher after August 28, he still can’t seem to beat Biden. But as said before anything can happen in these two months that can entirely change the poll’s rate.

One can never say that the polls can turn out to be right till the election results are out.



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