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Is Approaching Earth With The Speed Of 23,666 Mph, Will It Hit The Earth? - The Tech Education
Asteroid Approaching Earth With The Speed Of 23,666 Mph, Will It Hit The Earth?
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Asteroid Is Approaching Earth With The Speed Of 23,666 Mph, Will It Hit The Earth?

Another Asteroid will soon pass between the earth and the moon. NASA has clearly mentioned that it will approach near the earth on Monday, 14 September. However, they have also predicted the size of it and it says the diameter is 120m and it is as equal as the Iconic London eye which is in United Nation.

NASA has also given the estimated size that is somewhere between 53m and 120m. This Asteroid will become the history of being one of the largest rocks which came near the Earth. This Asteroid will be recorded into the NEO earth close approach list.

The US Space Agency Reports

The US-based space agency observed the asteroid and revealed that the rock is in the space and its moving. The rock is coming near towards earth with a speed of 10.5 kilometers per second which is 23, 666 miles per hour.

Asteroid Approaching Earth With The Speed Of 23,666 Mph, Will It Hit The Earth?

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The Actual Name Of The Asteroid

Meanwhile, NASA has termed this Asteroid as Near-Earth Object (NEO). The US space agency described the rock as a comet. They said that it is nudged by the gravitational force which is pulling the rock near the earth. Because of this, the comets enter into Earth’s Neighbourhood.

NASA Said The Asteroid Is Equal To Twice The Size Of The Pyramid, Soon It Will Pass Over The Earth

NASA Statement On The Approaching Asteroid

This rock is also known as Asteroid 2020 QL2. This rock was first noticed on August 14. The actual sightseeing was done on September 3, as per the reports from NASA. NASA has also confirmed on Twitter that it won’t strike the surface of the earth. Even if it does in the worst-case scenario it may cause some sizeable damage to the earth.

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NASA said that almost hundreds of tons of comets head towards Earth Surface and sometimes it passes away from the earth. But NASA said that Every 10,000 years an asteroid which is of 100 meters would come towards earth’s surface and it may cause a little disaster.

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