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Biden Blames Trump For Violence, Trump Accused Biden Siding With Anarchists! Whom Do You Support?

With the shooting of two people in Portland, Oregon lawlessness and Chaos are circulating all over America. Amidst this, the clashes between Joe Biden and President Donald Trump, who can take care of Americans better has begun.

Joe Biden alleged Donald Trump is the reason for the ongoing violence and fatal shooting prevailing in the Nation.

Meanwhile, the present president of United States of America counters attacked Biden for siding with ‘anarchists’. However, Joe Biden is Trump’s Democratic foe.

According to Biden, Trump is wholly responsible for creating differences that ignited divisions and then violence.

Biden Stated

Moreover, Biden said of Trump, “He doesn’t want to shed light, he wants to generate heat, and he’s stoking violence in our cities. He can’t stop the violence because for years he’s fomented it.”

According to Trump, some radical troublemakers are stirred up and backed by Biden. But in irony, when Trump was asked about his supporter killing two people, Trump changed the topic. He talked about a 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse and his self-defence skills.

Trump did not accept the fact that he is the reason behind the shooting. However, this can create tensions in Kenosha.

In this time of foul politics play, one is blaming another for the issues going on. Moreover, this is because of the upcoming 2020 Senate elections.

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