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cm, tgs, m, a, ddh, Dolly Parton's Latest Interview- She Openly Supports Black Lives Matter! 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Dolly Parton’s Latest Interview- She Openly Supports Black Lives Matter! Find The Real Connection Here…

Dolly Parton, an American singer-songwriter, has always remained in the top list.
She has been the trending affair in the whole world. Dolly Parton has been a songwriter at the earliest stages of her career.  She penned down a lot of songs for others. Later on, she made a debut as a singer in 1967.

The Country singer Dolly Parton has always been the cover story for various magazines. Recently, Dolly Parton made a top talk interview with a magazine. Her interview became a talk of the town as always. She has remained more or less a vocal of top trends.


In this latest covering, Dolly has talked about the latest issue of “Black Lives Matter”. The issue started off with the death of a black, George Floyd, in America. Dolly Parton here clearly supported the movement. Reportedly, Parton has not attended any of the protests, but still, she has been vocal of the issue.

Parton extended her support by saying that not only the white lives matter. Even the Black Lives Matter.
She has framed it as a question that expresses her anger over the thinking that revolves only around the white lives.
The star singer, apart from being a top artist personality, is also a successful business-woman.


Added another part in the talks, she also replied about the incident of renaming the Civil War-themed dinner attraction in her theme park in Tennessee and Missouri.  She renamed “The Dixie Stampede” to only “The Stampede” in 2018.

She has admitted that naming “Dixie” was her “innocent ignorance”. And when she got to know, it was an offensive word, she just turned down the story to “The Stampede” only. Adding further, she says that she doesn’t want to offend anyone. She calls it a true business.

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