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Political Ads, As US Elections Approach - The Tech Education
Facebook Considers Ban On Political Ads, As US Elections Approach
Source- Yahoo Finance
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Facebook Considers Ban On Political Ads, As US Elections Approach

Facebook is considering to ban political ads prior to the US General Elections to stop spreading misinformation and hate speech.

Why The  Ban On Political Ads?

The ban has not been finalized yet but is in talks as of now. It is because of the intense pressure it is receiving to spread misinformation.  Especially during elections hate speech are flourished across the site. In the recent years political parties have been using facebook as a platform to promote their political agendas.

But in the name of political agendas false information and hate speech are circulated throughout the site.

Political Advertising On Facebook

The CEO of facebook Mark Zuckerberg has always been a believer of free speech. So political ads were running on facebook for years without any restrictions. It was because facebook always believed in giving its users a voice.  And hence never imposed any kind of restrictions.

Facebook Considers Ban On Political Ads, As US Elections Approach
Source – The Drum

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Political ads on facebook don’t contribute much to its revenue. And hence it was only meant to give a platform to the politicians to connect with the people. But it has come to notice that political ads are misleading at times. And also spreads false information which eventually leads to disharmony among people.

The Controversy Around The Political Ad Ban

Although the decision is not  finalised , but there has been debates on whether imposing this ban would be a right decision. Mr Zuckerberg, when other social media platforms tooks steps against hate speech, still stood by his free speech policy.

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Some officials have argued that imposing ban is not the solution to hate speech or disinformation.  Facebook being a common platform for campaigns should consider some other ways to root out disinformation.

Popular campaigns like The Trump Campaign and the Biden Campaign have invested alot in this platform to promote their political agendas. So it will be a tough decision for facebook  on whether to ban poltical ads . Considering the facts that political ads are a tool for campaign for many political parties. But at the same time also acts as a platform of spreading hate and misinformation.

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