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zao, h0, r, q6y, 83, b, Three Best Right Backs In The Football World - The Tech Education
Trent Alexander Arnold
Source: Goal.com

Three Best Right Backs In The Football World

The role of fullbacks in the game is rising more and more. Earlier, teams only expected fullbacks to stay back and shore up the defence. But, over time, fullbacks have become increasingly involved in the offensive attack of football teams. Players like Marcelo, Dani Alves, and Jordi Alba have redefined the attacking contributions of a fullback in a winning team. Today, most fullbacks are attacking players. Here are the three best right-backs in the world of football right now.

Player #1: Trent Alexander-Arnold

This spot would technically belong to Kimmich. But Kimmich has moved to play as a defensive midfielder for Bayern. He is arguably the best in that position right now. But in terms of right-backs, Arnold takes the top spot right now. This season, he already has 2 goals and 15 assists. That number will rise once the season restarts.

Arnold is arguably the best crosser of the ball in the world right now. His lightning-fast speed and excellent dribbling offer a whole new dynamic to Liverpool. He already has his list of iconic moments at the age of 21. He still has some positioning issues on defence but despite that, he is the best. Once he improves that part of his game, there will be no one even close to him.

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Player #2: Aaron Wan-Bissaka

Wan-Bissaka has really stepped into the limelight since his move to Manchester United. While not as proficient as Arnold in the attack, Bissaka is an excellent crosser in his own right. He is also a great passer in general and uses his fierce pace to his advantage well. Defensively, Bissaka is by far the best right-back in the world. He is the best tackler in the game and his intelligence allows him to stop many attacks before they even start.

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Aaron Wan-Bissaka
Source: Goal.com

Player #3: Kyle Walker

Achraf Hakimi, Pavard, Semedo, Dest, Reece James might all be better than him very soon. For now, Walker is the third-best right-back in the world. A crucial part of Guardiola’s City, Walker was for long the fastest player in the Premier League. While he does not have that title, he is still incredibly fast. He also helps shore up City’s defence effectively while playing in Guardiola’s system very well.

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