Apple Warns You May Permanently Discolor Your Apple Card If It’s Stored In Leather


Apple’s new Goldman Sachs-backed credit card launched to all US iPhone users only yesterday, and now we’re learning all kinds of fun facts about the physical, titanium card the company is sending to likely thousands of users in this very moment. Significantly, it can be easily damaged. Thanks to some support webpage unearthed by MacRumors, Apple is advising against keeping your Apple Card at a leather wallet or in direct contact with denim, as such cloths”may cause permanent discoloration that won’t wash off.”

Apple maintains its credit card, among the heaviest cards on the market, is”laser-etched with the card holder’s name and the Apple logo” and has a bright white finish”achieved through a multi-layer coating procedure that’s added to the titanium foundation material.” In other words, if any kind of metal comes into contact with it, including a different credit card’s edges, it might suffer some scratches or other damage to the finish.

As for how to safely store the card, Apple is advising clients store it in certain container made of soft material — but not leather — and to make sure it doesn’t come into contact with any loose metal items (and obviously magnets, as that could demagnetize the strip). The company also advises cleaning the card with just a slightly damp microfiber cloth dipped in warm water or isopropyl alcohol. “Don’t use window or household cleansers, compressed air, aerosol sprays, solvents, ammonia, or abrasives to clean your titanium Apple Card,” cautions the service page.

Since individuals don’t take such care of their credit cards forgo a leather wallet simply to avoid discoloration, this all sounds a bit excessive. But it’s important to remember that the Apple Card, with its benefits, is not meant to be the credit card out there with advantages. The three percent money back is nice, as would be the built-in security features that shield the card amount by removing it from the physical card itself and creating a digital number online for merchants that don’t accept Apple Pay.


However, what you’re mainly signing up for here is the Apple Card as a status symbol. Though it’s endorsed by bank Goldman Sachs, Apple refers to the card as a product”created by Apple, not a bank.” Basically, Apple is promoting the Apple Card around privacy, luxury, and outside-the-box thinking, something it does not want related to institutions that are contentious. And it looks slick, too. That is part of the pitch, and it makes sense then Apple would have an support page devoted to helping out the card is properly cleaned by you and take care of it, as if it had been an iPhone.

Nevertheless, when folks find out that they can’t keep it next to other cards, or in a leather pocket that they might have been utilizing for 38, it is going to be. The only solution to that is the advent of the Apple Card case. Seems.

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