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Apple Started Its Way To WWDC In A Wrong Way By Insulting Developers

It seems Apple started its journey to WWDC in the wrong way. One of the top Apple reviewer 9to5Mac says that Apple is not on the side of developers now. Nearby incidents also suggest the same. It says that even the developers of featured applications don’t feel the company is with them. Instead, it feels like all their businesses are insecure. It’s being said that Apple and Google have a big antitrust case to answer. Besides, the company reduced the response to the questions about the Hey email app.

This made the whole situation worse again. The Hey app controversy is about the subscription service on the App Store. After all, this attitude is not at all welcomed by the developers and users. Some companies like Netflix are allowed to have apps that don’t offer in-app purchases as a subscription option. But Hey is not allowed for the same.

Apple Is Not Considering Any Changes In The Current Policies

Apple is not a technology company - Kevin Chen - Medium

Apple SVP Phil Schiller responded to the situation with a more dislikeable way that the company will not change any policies. Besides, he added that these are because of the categories in which those apps are included. He says the subscription features are given to those apps that come under the ‘reader’ category. Meanwhile, email is not one of those.  The applications that come under this category include Magazines, News Papers, Multimedia listeners, VOIP, etc.

However, the problem becomes bigger and worst with the unfortunate tone of the message from the review board led by Schiller. It says that the Basecamp developed number of apps and its subsequent versions. Besides, App Store distributed it to millions and none of them came with in-app purchases and didn’t contribute anything to the company. Beyond all, the message itself says that the company is happy to support your app business. This whole message’s tone says it is a threat with condolence alongside thank you note.

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